Yoga for Injuries

Working one-on-one with people who have injuries and seeing my clients develop healthier movement patterns and find more balance and ease in their bodies is the most rewarding part of my job.

Learning to work with and heal from an injury can be a slow and frustrating process, but with the right approach it can be an incredible learning experience.

I have years of experience working with clients dealing with hip dysplasia, low back pain, disc herniations, sacroiliac issues, shoulder and neck pain, running injuries, as well as conditions such as osteoperosis, scoliosis, and multiple sclerosis.

I think of movement as a problem solving tool and most of my private sessions involve elements of both yoga and pilates and may also include rolling on therapy balls for myofascial release, Feldenkrais techniques to reduce tension, and breathing practices to mitigate stress and anxiety. I look at the body from the perspective of stability vs. mobility. We will work together to find ways of stabilizing where your body may be too mobile and on mobilizing where your body may be restricted and held.

I look forward to helping you feel better!

Please reach out to me to schedule a private session and get you on the path to greater well-being.