Private Yoga Classes

Privates are an incredible way to deepen your practice, find more assistance with an injury or physical limitation, or just have my full attention on YOU. Each session is very different from person to person and is shaped entirely around your needs, goals, and preferences. It could be a creative, challenging, flowing Vinyasa session working up to a peak pose, or more like an Iyengar class with longer holds and more focus on form and alignment. Other options are a purely therapeutic and restorative practice with lots of instructed pranayama and meditation as well as self-massage on therapy balls and some Pilates exercises mixed in for more core integration.

Private Yoga sessions are taught virtually for the time being.

Testimonials from private clients:

“I can’t speak highly enough of Marci. I have been working privately with her for two and a half years, and at the start I was a complete novice. In that time I have developed flexibility in my body that I never thought I could have, and an increased sense of well being that has flowed through my life and work. She is a fantastic teacher, from the way she custom designs a class to work with my body, to the wonderful patience and enthusiasm she brings to every session – Marci is awesome!”

—Daniel Elias


“Marci simply and remarkably changed my life! Marci developed a unique home practice for me, perfectly suited to both my physical and mental goals and challenges. Stressed to the point of illness, Marci created private classes for me as well as tools and techniques I could use anytime, anywhere, to center and calm myself. My body and mind changed together through my work with Marci, and after four years of working with her, I still look forward to each session. Marci is a bundle of kindness, integrity and knowledge and has a gift for transferring those gifts to her students. I recommend her with the highest enthusiasm!”

—Glenda Brown


“When I met Marci in 2011 I was coping with medical problems and years of stress and limited physical activity. Since we have been working together, I have become stronger and more flexible. My balance has improved as well. Marci has made a huge difference in my physical condition and sense of well-being.”


—Carol Levine

“Marci has not only improved my posture, but she has taken me beyond my fitness goals by teaching me how to use my muscles more effectively. I am the stereotypical desk job runner with super tight hamstrings, so I am fast, but have poor form. Marci first helped me understand that this is a symptom of a holistic problem: my core muscles were misfiring. With this perspective in mind she developed thorough and comprehensive customized for my needs. Her exercises silenced my overcompensating muscles such as my hip flexors and instead targeted my weak muscle groups that habitually were not activating. Throughout each session, she is incredibly attentive. She spots subtly misaligned form, identifies misfiring muscles and offers clear corrective feedback. Now my glutes fire better and my running stride delivers more power with much less impact on my knee. My stronger core has evolved my day to day posture and I have less neck strain. I have received compliments on my improved posture from my coworkers, friends and even my piano teacher. My running friends have noticed that my form has improved and that my race times are faster. All of this wouldn’t have been possible with Marci’s patience, precision and determination. I am very happy with my progress and I am excited to work with Marci to achieve my next level fitness goals.”

—Ryan McVerry


“I have been taking weekly private classes with Marci for 6 years and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Marci is a wonderful, attentive teacher. Each session is carefully planned and sequenced to create a fun and challenging experience. Marci’s attention to alignment and precision in the poses has helped me become stronger, more confident and able to get so much more out of the group classes I attend as well. I have recommended Marci to many friends; she changes lives!!”

—Gail Kleiner