Online Chair Yoga for Seniors

After many years of teaching chair yoga to packed classes on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Marci has switched her teaching to a strictly online platform and has designed a home-based chair yoga class specifically for older adults that is safe for beginners and people with Osteoporosis, as well as accessible for those with injuries and physical limitations. Interweaving her skills as a therapeutic Pilates teacher with her yoga knowledge, Marci incorporates some safe weight training, balance work, and core strengthening into her creative, playful, and educational chair yoga classes.

You can expect to leave class with improved posture and breath efficiency, more lengthened and strengthened tissues, and a greater sense of calm and overall wellbeing.


What is chair yoga?

Marci’s version of chair yoga utilizes the chair as a prop for making classical and nontraditional yoga poses, and other therapeutic movement, accessible to students who require more balance assistance, who don’t want to go up and down from the floor, and who are more comfortable sitting in a chair than being seated on the floor. The class is deep, slow, flowing and fun and involves a full range of poses such as backbends, twists, standing postures, hip and shoulder strengthening and opening work. Because having good balance is so critical as we age, Marci incorporates specific hip and core strengthening exercises to help keep her chair yoga students strong, stable, and supple.

Read more about Marci’s Chair Yoga practice, as featured in Chelsea News:

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