Combining the tools of contemporary pilates, alignment-based yoga, breath work, and myofascial release, I help clients create more core integration and more overall organization in their body and movement patterns.

I specialize in working with individuals who have herniated discs, spinal stenosis, hyper mobility, osteoporosis, hip issues, and shoulder instability. Schedule a 15 minute online consultation to discuss your unique needs and goals…

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Pilates for Pregnancy is my passion.

I have completed highly specialized and in-depth training of the physiology of pregnancy to be able to offer individualized pilates-based private sessions for prenatal and postpartum clients.

Practicing pilates during pregnancy and immediately post partum is a total game changer. With highly specific exercises you can learn to manage and/or prevent diastisis recti, improve pelvic floor dysfunction, retain and build strength throughout your whole body, improve your posture, and release areas of tension and restriction.

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Is Pilates right for me?

Short answer is… Yes!

Our work together will enhance every other activity you do. Do you play golf and want to improve your swing and power? Do you swim and want to improve your shoulder mechanics and move more fluidly? Are you a runner with cranky knees and tight hips? Do you sit at a desk and find your neck, back, and hips tightening throughout the day?

I can help you live and perform your favorite activities with more ease, strength, and integration.

My passion is using movement as a problem solving tool to help you experience a more organized movement process. My practice is full of pregnant and post partum clients as well as people who have injuries and special physical conditions including but not limited to back issues, hip pain, osteoporosis, and hypermobility. I regularly partner with some of the best physical therapists and massage therapists in the city and create a dialogue between practitioners to help you achieve your goals.


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About me:

I studied and taught alignment-based yoga for many years and was drawn to practice and teach pilates after years of sacroiliac pain and shoulder instability. I now practice and teach pilates almost exclusively while continuing to weave in certain yoga practices and lots of myofascial release work.

I have trained with and continue to study with world renowned anatomy teachers, pilates teachers, yoga teachers and physical therapists such as Carrie Owerko, Hugh Millard, Genny Kapuler, Kelly Kane, Madeleine Black, Lesley Powell, Irene Dowd, Deb Goodman, Gil Hedley, Diane Weiss, Anna Volmar, and Ashley Matthews.